Regulation of cellular fat storage and mobilization

Our laboratory uses the nematode C. elegans as a discovery tool to elucidate the genetic pathways and molecular mechanisms that regulate food intake, fat storage and mobilization. We seek to address the following questions: (1) what are the regulatory mechanisms that govern lipid droplet size; (2) how do lipid droplets physically and functionally couple with other intracellular organelles; (3) what are the mechanisms for protein targeting and retention to lipid droplets? Most of our studies begin with large-scale forward genetic screens in C. elegans. We then employ genetics, lipid and protein biochemistry, high-throughput sequencing technology, fluorescence and electron microscopy to address our questions at a molecular level in C. elegans and mammalian models.

Our team

Principle Investigator

  • Ho Yi MAK


  • Frances CHAN

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Zhe CAO (2019- )

Graduate Students

  • Lidan ZENG (2016- )
  • Yan LI (2016- )
  • Ken Kin Yung CHAU  (2018- )
  • Derick Chun Wing FUNG (2018- )
  • Phuong Linh LE (2018- )
  • Siwei HUANG (2019-)

Undergraduate students

  • Florian Chun Nin KWOK
  • Henry Yee Hin LAU
  • Chengkun MA
  • Jimmy Hok Chun MO
  • Natalie Wing Sum YU


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